Editorial 7/11/19

Dear Parents and Carers,

Re: Communication Guidelines

The school has recently published revised guidelines to provide a platform for effective and positive communications between staff and parents/carers. Parents/ carers are entitled to expect courteous and timely communications from school staff just as staff are entitled to expect courtesy and respect from them.

This extract from the guidelines outlines the rationale behind them:
Research consistently finds that children achieve more when schools and parents/carers work together. However, the unique relationship that a parent/ carer or teacher has with a child might at times lead to differences of opinion as to what is best for the child. Both parties need to appreciate and respect the special skills and insights that each brings to their relationships with a child and understand and appreciate each other’s perspective.

Tension in the parent/staff relationship can arise when both parties are strongly motivated to do the best for the child but occupy fixed positions about how to achieve this. The ability to voice differences of opinion, respectfully and with understanding, is key to a successful relationship and to minimising conflict.

A link to the guidelines, which have been shared with staff, can be found here: https://hasmoneanmat.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Communication-Guidelines-Oct-2019.pdf

The contact details for staff can be found on the individual schools’ websites:



We hope that all members of the Hasmonean community will find the new guidelines helpful.

With kind regards,

Mr A McClusky
CEO – Hasmonean MAT

Mr Y Halberstadt
Chair of Local Governing Body Committee – Boys  – Trustee of Hasmonean MAT

Mr S Blumgart
Chair of Local Governing Body Committee – Girls – Trustee of Hasmonean MAT