Editorial 28/1/2021

Dear Parents,

The most moving photograph I saw this week showed a Holocaust survivor, with a tattoo etched on his arm, being vaccinated in that same arm at a London clinic.  The juxtaposition of those two sides of humanity – hatred and hope – is a moving reminder of what we are capable of.  It is fitting, therefore, that we showed two videos this week to the boys: one commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day and one showcasing the amazing commitment shown by NHS workers during the pandemic.

The Parsha this week, Beshalach, is replete with ideas about hope and courage in the face of despair.  The Jewish people are being chased by Pharaoh and his army following their exodus from Egypt; they are hungry and need the miracles of Mon and clean water to survive; they are attacked by Amalek…the list goes on.  The overriding tone from the Parsha, though, is one of hope and salvation.  The idea is reinforced that we will overcome and will be stronger as a result of our trials.

In the week when we, as the British nation, have tragically recorded over 100,000 deaths due to Covid, it is important to think about every single life which has been lost and to also look to a brighter future PG.

Wishing you all a wonderful Shabbos,


Mrs D Lebrett


Hasmonean High School for Boys