Editorial 27.01.2022

Dear Parents,

The theme of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day which we are commemorating this week is: One Day. This can be interpreted in different ways – one day this will all be over or reflecting on the one day when everything changed. Or it can indicate endurance.

Iby Knill who is a Holocaust survivor said:
You didn’t think about yesterday, and tomorrow may not happen, it was only today that you had to cope with and you got through it as best you could.

There are important lessons for us here. The first is to value what we have as one day we could lose it. I hope none of us would be torn away forcibly from our families but illness, job loss or enforced separation are experiences we have all come close to over the past months.

The second is to live more in the moment and to make the most of each day. It can sometimes be hard to see the ordinariness of life as a gift, it is often easier to see it as a chore or series of obligations which need to be met. However, if we stop for a minute and really consider what it would be like to have everything snatched away, even the inconveniences or drudgery can become something to cherish.

So I would urge you this weekend to pause and reflect just how much we have to be grateful for.

Shabbat Shalom!

Mrs K Brice
Hasmoenan High School for Girls