Editorial 14th July 2022

Dear Parents

It has been a very busy couple of weeks in school with two of the highlights being the Induction Day for the new Year 7s who are joining us in September followed by a ‘Step-Up Day’ for the Year 5 boys who are interested in visiting Hasmonean and having a taste of what the High School experience is all about. Many of the boys are brothers, cousins and even nephews of our current pupils and it was heart-warming to see the ‘next generation’ of boys entering the school gates with smiles on their faces, eager to have their own opportunity to experience being part of the Hasmonean family. It was even more poignant for me as many of our Year 13 leavers are currently on their trip to Poland (postponed due to the pandemic) during their final experience with us as Hasmonean students. It really feels that, as we say goodbye to one group of boys, we are welcoming new beginnings.

I am always humbled and awed by the responsibility that we have as educators, working in partnership with the pupils’ parents and carers to educate and inspire the next generation of children. As Rabbi Sacks profoundly wrote: ‘Having children is more than a gift. It’s a responsibility. For us as Jews it’s the most sacred responsibility there is. On it depends the future of the Jewish people.’

Wishing you all a relaxing and rejuvenating summer and a good Shabbos.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs D Lebrett
Hasmonean High School for Boys