Editorial 14.10.2021

Dear Parents,

We had our Open Evenings this week which provide an opportunity to reflect on what we are seeking to do as a school (or legally two schools). What came out in speech after speech was that achievement is great and we celebrate and encourage it, but what is really fundamental is how we nurture the character of our young people.

We measure our success in the impact our students have on the world around them. Some will get brilliant university results and will have prestigious careers, but all of them can seek to help those around them, to remain true to their values and be a role model for others, taking the principle of Torah im Derech Eretz with them and being ambassadors for the school. Our school reward system is based on the acronym HASMO – honesty, achievement, sensitivity, middot, optimism. We can all reflect on how far we measure up to these values in our own lives.

Wishing you a good Shabbos.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs K Brice
Hasmonean High School for Girls