Editorial 13/8/20

Dear Parents,

We write to you in regard to this year’s A Level and BTEC results.

We are pleased to report that the vast majority of students have attained grades to enter university or embark on the next stage of their life and we will be supporting students who have not been awarded the grades that they were hoping to achieve.

You will have seen headlines in the media that a student’s mock exam results may be able to be used instead of the calculated exam results if the former are higher than the latter.

We will be seeking to appeal all A Level and BTEC grades that are lower than mock grades wherever possible. However, Ofqual have announced that they will not be able to give any details on what counts as a ‘valid mock’ until next week, meaning that we cannot yet tell students if they have a grounds for appeal based on their mock results. This delay and uncertainty will obviously be extremely difficult and challenging for students and it is regrettable that the guidance on this important matter has yet to be produced. As soon as we have that guidance from Ofqual, we will share it with you and advise students accordingly.

Students who wish to know their centre assessed grades or who have any other queries about examination grades should contact the examinations officers at each school:
Hasmonean High School for Girls Exams Officer: Ms Nancy James n.james@hasmonean.co.uk
Hasmonean High School for Boys Exams Officer: Mrs Jane Leigh j.leigh@hasmonean.co.uk

Queries about university places should be directed to the relevant Head of Sixth Form.

Information about re-sits can be found in the examinations sections of the school’s websites.

Please bear in mind that there will be many, many more queries to deal with this year due to the way in which examinations grades have been calculated and the late announcement about how appeals can take place. We will deal with students as soon as we are able to do so.

With kind regards,

Mrs Debbie Lebrett – Headeacher, Hasmonean High School for Boys
Mrs Katherine Brice – Headteacher, Hasmonean High School for Girls