Editorial 13/8/19

Dear Parents,

A Level and BTEC Level 3 students will be able to collect their results on Bromcom from 6.00 am on Thursday 15th August.

Students who do not have a login for Bromcom, or cannot remember their password, must email lfexams@hasmonean.co.uk urgently. Paper results will not be available on the day unless absolutely required to confirm a place at another school or college. Please remember that universities have access to the UCAS system directly, and can see the results from there. Very few universities require a provisional statement of results to confirm a place, just the final certificates which are not available until mid-October.

Once a student has a login, full instructions on how to view their results on Bromcom can be found on the Hasmonean website under Information\Students\Exams. These instructions can be downloaded and printed if they wish.

Please note that where a query exists about a student’s results, an appointment can be booked to see either of us. Appointments will be allocated in priority order. Please email either m.sabin@hasmonean.co.uk for boys and a.chason@hasmonean.co.uk for girls.

Students who have missed out on a university place can email the following people:

Girls – Mrs Brice, Headteacher at k.brice@hasmonean.co.uk , please also copy in Ms Valencia, Head of Sixth Form at c.valencia@hasmonean.co.uk .

Boys – Mrs Lebrett, Headteacher at d.lebrett@hasmonean.co.uk , please also copy in Rabbi M Cohen, Head of Sixth Form at m.cohen@hasmonean.co.uk . If there are any UCAS queries, please contact Mr A S Kalley on a.kalley@hasmonean.co.uk .

We will be contactable via email throughout the remainder of the school holidays to deal with any grade-boundary and re-mark requests.

Yours sincerely,

Miss M Sabin Exams Officer – Boys’ School

Mrs A Chason Exams Officer – Girls’ School