Editorial 11/3/2021

One of the striking things about this week’s double sedra is that it is all very familiar! Indeed, we read about the Mishkan and the Bigdei Kehuna (clothes for the Kohanim) only two and three weeks ago. Why the exhaustive repetition?

The Ramban (Shemos 36,8) explains that there is a difference between instruction and action. First the Torah gives a general and then detailed command and that is followed by action and an account of the work itself and the finished product.

There is an important message here. Too often there is a disconnect between theory and practice, between instruction and action. Perhaps the long repetition of Vayakhel and Pekudei is to teach us this very point. That Judaism is not just a theology but a “Toras Chaim”, a very detailed, real and beautiful way of life.

This is a message that we try hard to live by at Hasmonean and instil in our students. One of the exciting additions to life in school in recent months has been the introduction of the HIPE teams at the boys’ and girls’ schools. Supplementing our kodesh provision, they have breathed a new dimension and energy into the corridors at Hasmonean. Together with our amazing Kodesh staff, they show that there is theory and practice, and that Torah is not just learned, but lived and loved.

I salute our wonderful HIPE educators and all our amazing kodesh staff and thank you all for supporting our Purim campaigns.

Good Shabbos

Rabbi Golker