Editorial – 10th November 2022

Dear Parent

The recent heavy storms causing localised flooding are a reminder that, even in temperate Britain, we are not immune from climate change. We have, no doubt, all been pleased at the unseasonably mild weather and the resultant lowered need for heating. But not all countries have been so fortunate and in COP 27 the question of the polluters paying for the effects of global warming has become a pressing issue.

It makes me think about how far we should accept responsibility for something we may not have directly caused but which we have certainly benefited from.  What is our responsibility to right the wrongs of the past?  How can we effectively make reparations for historic hurts?  What is our moral duty when it could be argued that our standard of living has derived from exploiting the people and resources of poorer nations coupled with the profligate burning of fossil fuels?

These questions have no easy answers but it is important for us to think about our response and to remember that we should always be grateful for what we do have and not to take it for granted as something we deserve.

Wishing you all a good Shabbos.

Yours sincerely

Mrs K Brice
Headteacher – Girls’ School