Editorial 10.02.2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you so much to those of you who joined us last night for the update on developments with the schools and to launch our 2022 #weareHASMO matched fundraising campaign which will take place from Sunday 27th February to Monday 28th February.

It has been two school years since our last campaign and as was made clear at the launch last night, every year there is a significant shortfall of around £4.8m between what the government gives to the schools and what it costs to run them.

Parental voluntary Chinuch Contributions are essential but sadly do not fully cover the shortfall.

Kodesh, HIPE, smaller class sizes, a wide choice of subjects, mental health support, after school and lunchtime clubs, digital technology and most importantly what we can do to improve the quality of education, pastoral care and SEND provision – all of this and more will be affected by the outcome of this campaign.

It will determine whether we can maintain them, improve them or – very sadly – be forced to make cuts to them.

If you haven’t signed up already, please do so here 

A video of last night’s launch meeting can be found here: Hasmonean MAT update 9.2.2022 

Further information about the campaign and how to support it can be found here: Campaign Information

Thank you to each and every person who steps forward to support our schools. Your support really is essential for Hasmonean to continue to thrive.

With best wishes,

Mr Andrew McClusky
CEO, Hasmonean MAT