Editorial 07.10.2021

Dear Parents,

The Parsha this week focuses on keeping people safe during dangerous and treacherous times.  Noach built an ark which represented security and safety for him, his family and the animals during a world-changing flood.  The meforshim explain that “taiva,” the Hebrew word for “ark,” also means “word.” Interestingly, they can be viewed as being two sides of the same equation.  We need to build an ‘ark’ to protect ourselves and our family but, concurrently, we should be using the power of words and dialogue to reach out and help others.  Noach was given 120 years to build his ark; we are PG given 120 years to protect each other and help the community.

As the days are drawing in and winter is on its way, please can I remind you how to protect your children in the following ways:

  • They should be covid testing twice a week using the NHS lateral flow devices to ensure that we try to protect the school community to the very best of our ability;
  • If your children use their bicycles to travel to school, please ensure that their lights are working and that they wear fluorescent clothing in order to be seen. We receive a number of complaints from drivers who inform us that the students are not visible enough on their journeys home from school;
  • There have been a couple of incidents which have taken place on our bus routes over recent days. We will be reminding the students about looking after their personal safety during form time over the next few days.  We have been in contact with the police about these incidents and have offered the students involved our support

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing Shabbat,


Mrs D Lebrett
Hasmonean High School