Editorial 07.04.2022

Dear Parent/Carers,

It is the end of another term and, as is often the case, this means we have to say goodbye to some members of staff.

Mr Lindall, our Director of Science, is taking up a new post at Saracens as Assistant Principal. Mr Boxer, who has been both an English teacher and in charge of Years 8 and 9 at the Boys’ School, is taking on a new challenge as Assistant Head at Pardes House. We wish both Mr Lindall and Mr Boxer well in their new roles, they will be much missed at Hasmonean but we are grateful to them for what they have achieved in their time with us.

For the past two years, a huge number of our communication with you has been dominated by covid. We are now in a period when we are learning to live with the virus. This means we are no longer giving out tests and, if your child does test positive, they only need to isolate for 3 days provided they are feeling well and do not have a high temperature.

These changes are a reminder that life is never static, there is always some new challenge to be faced. Sometimes challenges can seem overwhelming and that may be how some of our Year 13 and Year 11 students are feeling. One of the Year 12 girls shared her way of dealing with obstacles, she said she broke them down until they were in manageable chunks, usually with the help of others and that team work was what got her through.

This seems a good message as we prepare for Pesach.

Wishing you all a chag sameach Pesach.

Mrs K Brice
Hasmonean High School