Boys’ School – Day 5 of Chanukah

The 5th Day of Chanukah saw another action packed H.I.P.E fuelled day, full of Chanukah treats.

It started with a Year 9 Chanuka online interactive quiz, brilliantly led by Nethanel Kind during Period 1.

From Period 4, the school gates opened wide as THE SLICED MEAT MOBILE BURGER VAN made its way to the edge of the carpark, where it stayed for FIVE hours, feeding every hungry school boy in carefully staggered times, according to the bubble system. Over 700 portions were sold!

Then, during Period 7, the HIPE team hosted their own take on ‘Deal or No Deal’and it was Year 9’s turn to play the famous game and leave with a free doughnut each.

The H.I.P.E team have been essential in keeping our students entertained and have fun.