AJEX – By Alyssa Teper Year 12

We feel incredibly proud to have marched in the AJEX parade as representatives of Hasmonean Girls’. The AJEX march provided us with the privilege to remember and dedicate just a few hours to those who have dedicated their everything for us.

Not only were we able to express our love and appreciation for our country, something we do not do all too often, we were able to specifically recall the heroism of the Jewish ex-serviceman who have fought and contributed as part of the British Armed Forces since 1930. It is so important that our religion and the actions of our people do not go unnoticed; as said by Chazal “we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us”. The recognition of our Jewish soldiers is equally as relevant today, with hundreds of Jews serving in the armed forces; fighting for our country, fighting for us.

Our country would not be the power it is without the immense generosity of all of our soldiers, whilst the contribution of Jewish soldiers toward our country’s success has no doubt led to success in so many other areas.

Year on year, since 1930, AJEX has been commemorating the heroism of our Jewish servicemen, and we feel so proud to have been a part of something so powerful.