Girls’ School – Erev Rosh Hashanah

Erev Rosh Hashanah, hours before the start of the Day of Judgement, the girls’ school was busy with spiritual preparations. The Year 11 students were inspired and challenged by the words of chizuk from the always popular Rabbi Moshe Levy, executive director of Chazak. Rabbi Jonny Hughes of Radlett United Synagogue spoke to our Year 10 students about how to take advantage of the power of Rosh Hashanah and took questions from the audience.

Years 7 – 9 took part in a dynamic classroom session with their Kodesh teachers, understanding how Rosh Hashanah can be part of the Eseres Y’Mei Teshuvah (10 days of Repentance), even though we do not do Teshuvah on Rosh Hashanah. Their session continued with a guide to the Matzo to assist the students in accessing the awesome Tefillos which we say on the day.

The HIPE team, with assistance from the student leadership team and Rabbi Bennett, created a beautiful Monopoly-themed Machzor guide, containing Divrei Torah and space for the students to write their own notes in preparation for the davening.