Remote learning, research informed pedagogy

I came across the website below when I was looking for some information about remote learning. This is published by Sandringham research school which has used a Blended Learning Model since 2014.  In April 2020, they were designated a ‘EdTech Demonstrator School’ with a role to support other schools in their remote learning.  On this site, they discuss the 7 research informed pedagogies for remote learning. They cover the following

  1. Feedback
  2. Formative Assessment
  3. Retrieval Practice
  4. Self regulated learning
  5. Dual Coding
  6. Cognitive Load Theory
  7. Collaborative Learning

The give some practical examples of these along with the theory. It talks about a number of ideas that we have already used but more techniques are also discussed.

I have also added an article explaining their move to Blended Learning as it gives an insight into what can be achieved using technology alongside traditional methods.


Boys don’t try – Rethinking Masculinity in Schools

If you are short of some reading material, I highly recommend this book bu Matt Pinkett and Mark Roberts.  It discusses the fact that many of the ideas that we have been taught at college encourage the boys to behave in such a way that their performance in school decreases. It really made me think and question the way in which I have approached the teaching of boys. Chapters include, peer pressure, mental health , disadvantaged students and the engagement myth amongst others.  Matt and Mark refer to research studies and their own experiences to discuss and dispel many of these myths. It really made me think and question the way in which I have approached the teaching of boys.

Editorial 25th June 2020

Dear Parents,


On Wednesday, to mark their virtual graduation in the evening, Mrs Paster, Mrs Hamer and the Informal HIPE team organised a special treat for the Y13 girls. A float was hired and decorated with a banners and balloons and it went round to every girl’s house. Each girl was presented with a box of goodies and a short speech was made in her honour to the accompaniment of music from the float. The event was carefully choreographed to ensure that social distancing was maintained and the staff followed the float in their own cars.  The sun shone and the delight on the faces of the girls and their parents spoke volumes about how important this gesture was to them which was funded from private donations and the HIPE budget.  The day ended with a very successful graduation event on zoom with live speeches and a beautifully constructed video put together by Hannah Benaim, the outgoing Head Girl, and her friends. This was composed of good wishes from the teachers, the girls’ memories  of their time at school and good wishes from some illustrious celebrities.


It was really inspiring to see how a thoughtful gesture could have such an impact and huge thanks are due to the members of HIPE- Racheli Wagner, Shira Rabson and Hodaya Schiff for their tireless energy in making this happen under the careful direction of Mrs Paster and Mrs Hamer. A short video of the event can be seen here:


Mrs Katherine Brice

Headteacher: Girls’ School





Dear Parents,


On Tuesday morning you may have received an email regarding voluntary contributions. Due to a computer malfunction, this email was sent to you in error. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Should you have any queries relating to voluntary contributions, please contact Ms J Alleyne via email on


Kind regards,


Ms T Luke

Acting Head of Finance & Premises

Editorial 18th June 2020

Dear Parents,


The response from the community to Tuesday night’s message has been amazing, with more and more parents signing up every day to become our Team Leader for our Fundraising campaign.


For those who were not able to attend, we hope that you have now had an opportunity to view the Zoom recording and feel empowered to sign up as a team leader.  The link to do this is here.


With 10 days to go until the live campaign opens on the Charidy platform, there’s no time like the present to get calling, messaging and tweeting your friends, family, colleagues and associates.  Who will be on your list?  Can you ask 4 or 5 parents that you know to be team leaders?  We can ALL make a difference!


We really need every family to form a team, play their part and help the cause. Thank you so much to all those families that have already signed up. To those that have not yet signed up, we really need your support as well.


If you have any questions, please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Thank you in advance for your support!


Kind regards,


The 2020 Campaign Team


Support our Boys!

A number of our boys are participating in a sponsored bike ride for the Shabbat Walk in August 2020.  For more information and to support them, please click the link here!

Editorial – 11th June 2020

Dear Parents,


As we explained last week, the government’s intention for the next phase is that ‘face-to-face support [should] supplement the remote education of Year 10 and Year 12 pupils, which should remain the predominant mode of education during this term for pupils in these year groups.” At Hasmonean, face-to-face online learning began to take place soon after lockdown and we significantly increased our face-to-face provision from June 1st.


We continue to risk assess a number of different models to bring in Year 10 and 12 pupils to supplement their online learning. To run regular lessons is not possible: a maximum of 25% are allowed in at any one time and we do not have enough teachers within each subject to teach classes small enough to enable the strict social distancing that is required to take place. We also have to bear in mind that the teachers who are supervising students in school cannot teach their online lessons at the same time which will have an adverse impact on the learning of the vast majority of students who are not in school each day. We are treading carefully so as not to disrupt the online provision that is now the bedrock of our children’s learning.


We will risk-assess and consult on our plans, and will share them in the next week or so. However, in the meantime, please be assured that children will continue to follow the online timetables to ensure that they benefit from a high standard of education. Details of next week’s HHCT Kodesh programme will sent to you as normal by Rabbi Golker tomorrow.


Wishing you a good Shabbos and a relaxing weekend,



Mr A McClusky – CEO, Hasmonean MAT

Mrs D Lebrett – Headteacher, Hasmonean Boys’ School

Mrs K Brice – Headteacher Hasmonean Girls’ School

Rabbi J Golker – Menahel, Hasmonean MAT



Editorial – 4th June 2020

Dear Parents,


We hope that you had an enjoyable Shavuot and that you and your families are well.


Thank you so much to the very high number of parents who joined our Zoom meeting about online learning on Monday. It was very heart-warming to receive so many expressions of thanks for the effort our staff are putting into digital learning. While we know what we are doing is not perfect, we are certainly trying to offer the best education possible in the current circumstances and will continue to monitor and adjust our provision in the light of the feedback we receive.


On June 1st we re-opened both schools in response to the increased demand to educate vulnerable children and the children of key workers. We now have a small number of students in both schools who are being supported by our staff with their online learning timetables.


The government’s most recent advice in regard to the wider re-opening of secondary schools is as follows:


Face-to-face support [should] supplement the remote education of year 10 and year 12 pupils, which should remain the predominant mode of education during this term for pupils in these year groups. Our assessment, based on the latest scientific and medical advice, is that we need to continue to control the numbers attending school to reduce the risk of increasing transmission. Therefore, schools are able to have a quarter of the year 10 and year 12 cohort (for schools with sixth forms) in school at any one time.


Unlike many schools, and thanks to the generosity of our Trustees, Hasmonean is in the fortunate position of being able to ensure that all of our children have access to digital devices. The new online learning timetables also ensure that children in all year groups are benefitting from face-face teaching.


However, we are currently discussing amongst ourselves and with Headteachers from other schools how we can supplement our face-to-face provision for Year 10 and 12 in school. This is a far from straightforward process. Only one quarter of these year groups is allowed in school at any one time and class sizes will need to be very small to enable us to observe strict social distancing rules. We also need to ensure that we can sustain our online learning programme for students who continue to learn remotely so that they do not miss out. The government has also asked – for very understandable reasons – that a comprehensive risk assessment be undertaken before any wider re-opening is undertaken and for consultation to take place with the various unions, as well as with trustees and parents to ensure that children and staff are kept as safe as possible.


We will publish our plans so that you can see them in advance as soon as we are able to do so. However, in the meantime, please be assured that children will continue to follow the online timetables to ensure that they benefit from a high standard of education.




Wishing you a good Shabbos and a relaxing weekend,



Mr A McClusky – CEO, Hasmonean MAT

Mrs D Lebrett – Headteacher, Hasmonean Boys’ School

Mrs K Brice – Headteacher Hasmonean Girls’ School

Rabbi J Golker – Menahel, Hasmonean MAT

Blank CANvas Competition

Congratulations to Shira in Year 10 for coming Third in the Blank CANvas design competition. The task set was to design a can which would promote recycling. This is a great message for all of us.

Shira’s winning design can be found at

Cheesecake at Home

On Friday 22nd May, our Hasmonean Girls’ HIPE team brought Shavuot into the homes of our girls. With the lovely Leah Hoff at the helm, and a simple list of ingredients, our home bakers were able to create their own delicious cheesecakes!