Young Art – Yael Berenblut

Yael Berenblut submitted a poignant and beautiful painting to the 29th Young Art competition. She created a painting of her youngest brother Donnie, who died when she was fifteen. Another of her brothers, Ami, is also featured in the picture. ‘The Moment’, in Yael’s words, ‘represents how Donnie’s life was made up of millions of special moments that we appreciated that any other normal family would have considered mundane’.

Her work will be displayed at the Royal College of Art until Friday 3rd May. There were 7600 entries for this exhibition, and approximately 800 were selected to be displayed.

YOUNG ART is an exhibition at the Royal College of Art for students aged between 4-18 years raising funds for Cancer Research UK. It is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring artists to have their work judged by well-known professional artists and exhibited at the prestigious Royal College of Art and, at the same time, raise money for Cancer Research UK.