Erev Yom Kippur Event

Erev Yom Kippur, and once again the indefatigable Rabbi Bennett and the JS team swung into action with an inspirational event. Using the JS lesson time, Year 9 enjoyed a presentation from Rabbi Avrohom Zeidman of GIFT understanding how to say ‘sorry’ and mean it. Year 10 learned the tricks of easy fasting from Rabbi DovBer Cowan of the JLE and Year 11 heard words of inspiration from Rabbi Yitsy David of Chazak. Finally, Years 7 and 8 were thrilled to participate in a Yom Kippur session that combined in-depth Torah learning alongside a creative craft activity focusing on appreciating the gift of Teshuvah.

Thank you to all of the JS team for such an exciting and inspirational way to go into the holiest day of the year.