Editorial 29/10/2020

Dear Parents,

The relentless nature of the bad news which surrounds us is like the autumn storms which seem to buffet us from all sides. It can be hard to keep cheerful in such circumstances and to show the resilience which we try to inculcate in our children. So this week I thought we should concentrate on the little things: smiling above the mask, stopping for an extra moment to see how someone else is, sharing in the joy of a new baby or an engagement. We all need to live more in the moment and to take pleasure and sustenance from what is happening now and not to worry too much about what the future may bring. The Year 7’s took huge pleasure from their achdus trips and the chance to do fun activities together.

Undoubtedly this is a stressful time and the older students who have exams coming are understandably anxious about how they are doing and what might happen. Encourage them to keep a sense of perspective. If nothing else, this pandemic has taught us that the important thing is the love of our family and friends and the way we treat other people. Academic work and achievement has a place – and an important one – but in the end it is not what defines us. I draw solace from Psalm 103 and this verse in particular:

“Bless Hashem, O my soul; and all that is within me, bless his holy name!”

Wishing you a very good Shabbos.


Mrs K Brice
Hasmonean High for Girls