Editorial 22/10/2020

Dear Parents,

If every child in a class self-isolates, their live lessons can be delivered live relatively easily as was the case during lockdown. However, if some remain in school and others have to self-isolate at home – which is the more likely scenario – delivering live lessons to both groups simultaneously is more challenging.  We are working hard to identify the optimal solution to deliver live lessons at home in this scenario however we are not quite there yet. For this to happen smoothly, students need to have Chromebooks which they can use both at home and in school, and all staff need to have the appropriate equipment (and training) to deliver lessons in school that are simultaneously streamed home.

Our Chromebook supplier has advised that these will arrive in November and, once delivered, they will then be configured for deployment. When we receive a precise date, we will let you know when your children will receive a device if you have ordered one. Additionally, teachers need to be provided with equipment to enable them to teach students in the class and at home concurrently. This involves identifying the optimal Bluetooth headsets, webcams and graphic tablets and, as you would expect, we are currently trialling a variety of equipment prior to placing bulk orders.

Once all of these elements are in place, staff will have the facility to give those at home access to live classroom lessons. Until then work will be uploaded onto Google classroom which will include live/recorded lessons wherever possible.

Please bear with us while we work through this process – we know that it will cause some frustration – and we are sincerely grateful for your patience while we go through the steps we need to take to increase live lessons for those who are isolating at home. We will get there.

To help us minimise the number of students who are having to self-isolate, please ensure that your children observe social distancing outside of school when socialising with their friends.

Please also check that your child has a clean face covering to bring to school each day to minimise the risk of infection (this is now mandatory in London).

Students must stay at home if they have any Covid symptoms and get tested. If they have had a Covid test for any reason, they should wait at home until they receive the results.​

We continue to follow Public Health Guidelines and take advice from Barnet Public Health in regard to all Covid-related matters.

With best wishes,


Mr Andrew McClusky, CEO