Editorial 13/06/2019

Dear Parents,

I am very pleased to announce that we now have a new governance structure in place for the Hasmonean Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) with Mr A McClusky as the CEO of the Academy Trust, Mrs D Lebrett as the Headteacher of the Boys’ school and Mrs K Brice as Headteacher of the Girls’ school. I have accepted the responsibility to act as the Chair.

The role of the MAT, under the continued guidance of the Electoral Rabonim, is to guide Hasmonean’s mission by:

  • Setting the ethos, culture and vision
  • Making decisions about policy and strategy
  • Overseeing and scrutinising organisational performance
  • Ensuring organisational accountability

In addition, each school now has its own Local Governing Body (LGB) which will focus on its day to day operations, in particular raising the standards of both Kodesh and secular teaching and learning for our children. I am very grateful to Mr S Blumgart & Mr J Halberstadt for agreeing to chair the Girls’ and Boys’ LGBs respectively.

This is an exciting time for the schools as the new organisation allows us to renew the vigour of both the Trustees and Governors. To this end, I would like to broaden the base of the schools’ Governors and encourage you to get involved. As a minimum we need six new Governors for the new structure which provides you with a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of your children and our community, and to build its foundations for years to come. In particular we would like to hear from individuals with experience in the areas of Mental Health and Well-being, Human Resources, Public Relations and experienced Education Professionals. Please see the school website for the full organisation chart, www.hasmoneanmat.org.uk , the direct link can be found here here .

Parents who are interested in becoming a Governor at either the Boys’ or Girls’ School should be in contact with Mrs L Oskis l.oskis@hasmonean.co.uk to let her know that you are interested in becoming a Governor for one of the schools.  Please outline why you think you would be suitable and what skills, experience and qualifications you would bring to the role.

The parent election process can be found here for the Boys’ School and here for the Girls’ School.


Best wishes,

Mr G Swabel
Chair of Hasmonean Multi-Academy Trust Board