Editorial 12/11/2020

Dear Parents,

This week has been an extremely sad one for the entire Jewish community. The news about the passing of both Rav Dovid Feinstein o’’h and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks o’’h culminated in a collective outpouring of grief from the Jewish world. People have felt individually and profoundly affected: these were two shining examples of personalities having a huge impact, far beyond their own countries. In fact, far beyond their own religious sphere.

It has been profound and humbling to read the moving statements which have been released from so, so many members of British society following this week’s news about the passing of Rabbi Lord Sacks. The Hasmonean community are planning our own programme of reflection which will take place at the end of the sheloshim period. More details to follow.

It is very pertinent that this week’s parsha starts with discussing the life of Sarah; it is clear that she had a powerful impact over her family during her life and over our entire nation to this day. She raised Yitzchak during his formative years, nurturing him to become a future Jewish leader. Interestingly, the parsha begins with the death of Sarah but it is her legacy which she left behind which dominates the narrative. In the words of Rabbi Lord Sacks, in his own commentary of the parsha: ‘It is future-orientation that defines Judaism as a faith…First build the future. Only then can you mourn the past.’

Yours sincerely,

Mrs D Lebrett
Hasmonean High School for Boys