Trip to Imperial War Museum

The Year 10 Hasmonean girls visited a new temporary exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, which was curated by Mrs A Abecasis.

Students took part in specially created learning sessions developed for the IWM which focus on the efforts of Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld and Sir Nicholas Winton to rescue children and bring them to Britain prior to the outbreak of the Second World War.

The workshop included testimony and clips of Kinder who came to England during the years of 1938-1940.  The temporary display also included several personal items belonging to Rabbi Dr. Schonfeld and Sir Nicholas, kindly lent by their families for this partnership work.

The children were under severe threat from the Third Reich and sadly 1.5million children were killed due to the atrocities of the Nazi regime. The heroism of these two men, along with other members of the CBF/CCJR and the British Government, enabled 10,000 children to find a safe place and access to housing and education in Britain.

While visiting IWM, students also had the opportunity to explore the highly respected Holocaust Exhibition which includes powerful survivor testimony. The girls found the exhibition both informative and very moving – indeed the whole day was a very valuable learning experience for them.

Thank you to Mrs Abecasis for organising this event.