Football – Hasmonean V Immanuel College

It may have taken four attempts to arrange the date, but on Monday 11th November our Year 11 boys finally had their away fixture against Immanuel College.

The boys played well in the first half – even though we only took enough players to field a side and had no reserves. In no time at all one of the boys was clipped from behind, landing head first in the muddy ground below. He was helped up – covered in mud!

In the second half, the game got tenser and the mud got deeper. There were a couple of brilliant saves from Goalkeeper Lebrett. On the stroke of 50 minutes Corney unleashed a blistering rocket that smashed into the top left hand corner of the net and the ‘crowd’ went wild. This was followed five minutes later with another Hasmonean goal when Woolich defied the Immanuel keepers grasp to send the ball splattering into the bottom of the net. The last goal came from an unidentifiable muddy Hasmonean player – their numbers were so caked in mud that it was impossible to tell who was who!

Well done to all the boys for their brave perseverance in extremely dreadful conditions and coming away with a three nil victory! Thank you to Mr Tutty for braving the mud with the boys.

On Thursday morning there was a buzz in the hall! Year 7 and Year 12 girls were getting to know each other at an incredible Kesher event. It began as the girls danced and ate snacks, followed by Rabbi Zeidman from Gift introducing a thought provoking question: ‘If you had £100, what would be better, to give it all to one organisation or to 10 different organisations?’. They then decorated Tzedaka boxes, which began the 30-day challenge of giving 1p each day to Tzedaka. This is to create more giving people who will also be rewarded! W are looking forward to the girls building stronger connections with their Kesher partners, and we have already started planning for future Kesher events.

Year 7 Mums Night Out

Bagel Bar was full to capacity for the Year 7 Mums night out. Organised by the PTA, this was a lovely opportunity to get together. The PTA is open to everyone. If you’d like to get involved, please call Aviva 07940 888051

Year 12 go to Dyson

A group of Year 12 science students were able to visit the Dyson workshop. There, we were challenged to create a programme that would move a robot around obstacles and through to the other
side of a mat. It was a really enjoyable challenge which had all of us stretching our minds and showing how principles learned in Physics and Maths can be applied to practical uses.

The workshop was a good reminder of how fun science can be and the undergraduate engineers who ran the session were incredibly supportive, explaining about different Engineering courses with a focus on Dyson.

I found the workshop refreshing because it gets you to think differently and problem solve practically which you don’t usually do in classes. It’s also useful to become comfortable with programming software because coding will always be useful for any STEM future. I would definitely recommend having similar opportunities for future year groups – I really enjoyed it.

I really appreciated that this was organised especially for us and it was so easily accessible- it was such a pleasant surprise – thank you!

By Shira Wulwick

Yashar Programme

Year 12 and 13 boys took part in an engineering workshop run by Dyson

90 Have Fun in Phasels Wood

The Year 7 girls returned late on Wednesday evening from a very successful Achdut Trip to Phasels Wood. They enjoyed six different activities, ate a shop’s worth of nosh and ended the day sitting around a beautiful campfire singing before eating pizza and chips (express delivery from Golders Green- who knew that kosher pizza could be delivered to Kings Langley!) The campfire was created by Mr Tutty and Mr Sharpe – thank you.

The trip was led by our informal educators Miss R Wagner and Miss S Rabson. Staff who volunteered to join the girls included Mrs Brice, Miss Liley, Mrs Waugh, Mrs Epton, Miss Gelley, Miss Simonsson, Mrs Berg and Mrs Rand. The Year 12 madrichot: Tova, Chayale, Chana, Racheli, Ariella and Ella put in a huge effort to ensure that every Year 7 girl felt included and were superb role models.

Interfaith Arsenal

On Friday 1st November some of the Hasmonean students went to an Arsenal in the Community Interfaith Day. Nicola Green from PAJEs remarked that the girls were, without exception, friendly, polite, interested and attentive. It was a pleasure to see them engage with girls from Islamia School. One of the students has written about her day below.

Teams of a different sort met at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium last Friday. Twelve of our Year 11 and Year 12 girls took part in an Arsenal in the Community Interfaith Day in partnership with Islamia Girls’ School. Each group consisted of two girls from each school and they were given one of the six major religions in the UK to research. They then had to prepare a presentation based on each respective religion’s main festival, whilst linking Judaism and Islam to other dominant national religions and their practices. This was all in preparation for Monday 11th November when each group will give over their presentation to local Jewish and Muslim primary school children.

Each group thoroughly enjoyed working together regardless of religion or age, and look forward to sharing their presentations next week.

By Ariella
Year 12

Yashar Programme – Goldman Sachs

As part of Hasmonean’s Yashar Programme, some of our lucky Sixth Formers were able to spend a day with Goldman Sachs employees. The focus of the day was for the employees to help our students with their employability skills, CV writing and career orientation. In addition, it was a great opportunity for our students to network with people who work in different departments at Goldman Sachs.

It was an incredibly rewarding day and there is no doubt that the students who participated in the day are richer for the experience. As the Yashar Programme grows from strength to strength, we already have visits scheduled from Dyson and PwC in the coming term, which will be open to Sixth Formers.

Sergeant Uriel Goldberg, Paul Young and Jackie Herman

On Tuesday 24th September, the Year 9 boys were treated to a presentation from Sergeant Uriel Goldberg of the IDF. He is currently the Liaison Officer for the Magen David Adom which is the first response ambulance service in Israel. He is also an alumnus of Hasmonean Boys’ School.

He shared footage of one of his military operations in Lebanon as well as explaining to the boys how some technology devised by Magen David Adom is now being sought after here in the UK.

The boys were glued to every word he said and asked pertinent questions about the laws of conflict. It was a most uplifting experience and we look forward to welcoming Sergeant Goldberg back very soon.

On the same day, the Year 10 boys were addressed by two incredible individuals: Paul Young and Jackie Herman who were born exactly on the same day and year as each other – one in Vienna and one in Austria.

When Jackie was two and half years old, he was liberated from the Theresienstadt death camp: he was one of the youngest survivors. He lost his entire family in the Shoah. He was sent to England and the Herman family lived in the apartment next door.

The two boys went to the same school, the same Shul and they even had their Bar Mitzvahs on the same day.

They have shared their stories with countless schools – Jewish and Non-Jewish – aiming to arm teenagers with more knowledge of the horrors of the war and the subsequent hope for a brighter future. The entire Year 10 group were spellbound for the entire presentation.

May Hashem give these two living legends the strength to be able to return to Hasmonean many more times in good health.

Rabbi Josef Mendelevich

On Tuesday morning, the 200 Beis students were privileged to have Rabbi Josef Mendelevich, the ex-prisoner of Zion and former Russian Refusenik come in and speak to them. He was freed by the now defunct Soviet regime in 1981. Rabbi Mendelevich shared his experiences of his time in custody and his life afterwards. He expressed his desire to live as a proud Jew in a country where it was nearly impossible to practice Yiddishkeit without fearing for one’s life.

Every single boy and Rebbe alike was spellbound for the 35 minutes of Reb Mendelevich’s address.

When he described having to daven under those circumstances, and how lucky we are today where we can prepare for Yomim Noro’im in perfect security, it brought home the reality of our comfortable life. We should appreciate living in a country where people of all faiths are free to worship without fear.