Editorial – 24th July 2020

Dear Parents,


Thank you for all of your support during this difficult time.  Please can you take some time to read the new letters that have been posted on eNews as they contain important information about our return to school in September.


Kind regards,

Mr A McClusky, CEO, Hasmonean MAT

Mrs D Lebrett – Headteacher, Hasmonean Boys’ School

Mrs K Brice – Headteacher Hasmonean Girls’ School

Rabbi J Golker – Menahel, Hasmonean MAT

Year 6 Girls – Social Distance Drive-Thru

On Monday afternoon, team HIPE put on a super event at Hasmonean High School for Girls! Our new Year 7 cohort, who are joining the school in September, nearly lost out on an induction day, but were able to meet some key faces at school through a social distanced drive-thru. The excitement on the girls’ faces and the smiles all round spoke volumes about the importance of the event.

Year 6 Boys – Meet and Greet

On Thursday afternoon, over one hundred cars arrived in the school playground, carrying the boys who will join us for Year 7 this September. They were welcomed by members of staff and each boy received a welcome pack to take home.

For two hours, cars flowed into the playground, all brilliantly choreographed by Benji Shebson from the HIPE department, ably assisted by Kevin, Hasmonean’s amazing site manager.

Staff members who welcomed the boys included: Mrs Lebrett, Mr Kalley, Ms Benarroch, Mrs Fine, Rabbi Amar, Rabbi Hager, Mr Markiewicz, Rabbi Fachler, and Benji Shebson. Each staff member took time to chat with the parents and students in every car.

It was a really beautiful event and congratulations to Benji for yet another successful event in these testing times.

Editorial 16th July 2020

Dear Parents,


As you would expect, a great deal of thought is going into planning for how the full return to school in September can be managed as safely as possible. We are discussing our plans with staff tomorrow and will be sharing them with you next week.


Please note that the arrangements for the last week of term:


On Monday 20th, as was advertised in the calendar, there will be no teaching, nor will there be supervision in school until after break at 11:30. This is to allow for the traditional staff breakfast to take place where we thank staff for their hard work and say farewell to leavers.


Next week, we will be holding pastoral check-ins in school for all students as follows at both schools. Online lessons will not occur for year groups on the days when they are in school as outlined below:


Monday – Year 7 in school for their pastoral check-ins


Tuesday – Year 8 in school for their pastoral check-ins


Wednesday – Year 9 in school for their pastoral check-ins


Thursday – Year 12 in school for their pastoral check-ins – no live lessons for the whole school (see below)


Friday – Year 10 in school for their pastoral check-ins – no live lessons for the whole school (see below)


On Monday from 11.30am until the end of Wednesday, all other online lessons will be delivered as normal, with the exception of those outlined above.


Please note that the children of key workers and vulnerable children will continue to be supervised in school and pastoral check-ins will continue as scheduled throughout next week for all year groups except for Monday morning until 11.30am.


As previously mentioned, all staff who are not shielding will be coming in to school on the final two days of term, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th July, to work in departments to prepare for September. They will therefore not be teaching live lessons on these days but instead giving students guidance to ensure they have completed all of the work covered during lockdown and will be signposting them to extension activities within the extension room on these final two days.


The Hasmonean High School Charitable Trust Kodesh programme will continue throughout next week as usual.


We are currently consulting on the Relationships and Sex Education Policy, the teaching of which is statutory from September 2020.

The policy can be found here: https://hasmoneanmat.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Hasmonean-RSE-policy-DRAFT.pdf


If you wish to comment on the policy, please do so here: https://forms.gle/BJFbtBhwDzTM29UB6 .  Comments should be submitted by 5pm on Monday 10th August



Good Shabbos to all,


Mr A McClusky – CEO, Hasmonean MAT

Mrs D Lebrett – Headteacher, Hasmonean Boys’ School

Mrs K Brice – Headteacher Hasmonean Girls’ School

Rabbi J Golker – Menahel, Hasmonean MAT

Editorial 9th July 2020

Dear Parents,


Please click above link to watch a video from the staff, governors, trustees and members of the Hasmonean 2020 fundraising committee to thank you for all your support with the campaign which has enabled us to ‘Preserve What’s Precious’.


With regard to our plans for September, we are currently working our way through extensive risk assessments and having discussions with other Barnet Headteachers and the local authority to ensure that the return to school for all students and staff is as safe as possible. Once we have finalised our plans, we will share them with you, as well as with unions, governors and the local authority.


We intend to do this before the end of term. However, please do bear in mind that guidance from the government may change over the summer holiday and our plans may be subject to change. If this is the case, we will let you know by email and via our website.


Wishing you a good Shabbos and a relaxing weekend,


Mr A McClusky – CEO, Hasmonean MAT

Mrs D Lebrett – Headteacher, Hasmonean Boys’ School

Mrs K Brice – Headteacher Hasmonean Girls’ School

Rabbi J Golker – Menahel, Hasmonean MAT

Bar Mitzvah Event

Our Year 8 boys celebrated their Bar Mitzvah year in style with a Drive Thru Ice-Cream Bonanza. This fantastic event was organised by the Boys’ School HIPE team: Yossi Fachler and Benji Shebson. It was wonderful to see the students and their families enjoying themselves in a socially distanced way! PHOTO-2020-07-07-19-19-57

Editorial 2nd July 2020

Dear Hasmonean Community,


We did it! We have exceeded our £1.6m target!


On behalf of everyone at Hasmonean, thank you so much, so much.


The collective power of the Hasmonean community never ceases to amaze, a power that is in its achdut.  To witness the tremendous vision, skill and conviction within our Fundraising Committee, composed mainly of governors, trustees and parents, utterly focussed on safeguarding this amazing institution, is truly humbling. We are so grateful to all of the parents, staff, students, alumni, governors and trustees who played their part in this communal effort.


Our families, communities and alumni have risen to support us in our time of need. They have demonstrated the value that they put on a good education and the trust that they have in Hasmonean to deliver. We stand in awe of their kindness and support, give thanks that we can continue to provide for our children’s futures, and pray that we will now move from strength to strength, offering every child what they need to grow to become inspired and upstanding members of Am Yisrael.


Our sincere thanks to the matched funders, the pillars of the Hasmonean community:

Simon and Louise Abraham

Families Goldberg

Sharon and Daniel Green

Investream Charitable Trust

Shuli and Feigy Lerner

Family Noé

Katie and Ben Shooter

and those who wish to remain anonymous


Our deep thanks to the core Fundraising Committee who are governors/ Trustees or Members of the MAT: 

Mrs Jacqueline Benjamin – co-leader of last year’s campaign and lynchpin of this campaign

Mr Steven Blumgart – tireless supporter and preserver of all that is precious about Hasmonean

Mr Jonny Feinmesser – co-leader of last year’s campaign and lynchpin of this campaign

Mr Daniel Green – tireless supporter and preserver of all that is precious about Hasmonean

Mr Yossi Halberstadt – tireless campaigner for Hasmonean

Mr Maurice Klajman – tireless campaigner for Hasmonean

Mr Daniel Lyons – media strategist and tireless supporter of the schools

Mr Ben Shooter – Chair of The Fundraising Committee who has now raised an incredible £7.3m for Hasmonean


Our sincere thanks to parents, staff and alumni:

Mrs Jodi Benaim – Preserve What’s Precious Campaign Chairperson who has worked tirelessly on this campaign

Mrs Julie Goldberg  – new member of the committee who has who has given so much for this cause

Mrs Miriam Landau – new member of the committee who has who has given so much for this cause

Mr Joshua Lyons – media strategist

Mrs Dawn Murray – our tireless and wonderful co-ordinator upon whom we all depend

… and the whole team including Mr Yiannis Oskis and Mrs Harris Ellis who helped behind the scenes.


Our heartfelt thanks to all of the ambassadors, team leaders and donors. Without your energy, enthusiasm, commitment, none of this would have been possible.


Our genuine and long-lasting thanks to:

Our Elector Rabbonim Rabbi Greenberg and Rabbi Bixenspanner and to all the communal rabbonim who supported our campaign.


Special thanks to:

Rabbi Greenebrg, Rabbi Zobin and Mr and Mrs Kanzen who spoke at our launch event.


Together, we have preserved what is precious.


With sincere, deep and heartfelt thanks to all,


Gary Swabel – Chair, Hasmonean MA

Andrew McClusky – CEO, Hasmonean MAT



This is a reminder that next Thursday, 9th July is a Fast Day and school will finish for all students at lunchtime.

Year 7 students Bat Mitzva

Every single year Hasmonean Girls has created a meaningful Bat Mitzva celebration for the Year 7 students and this year was no exception. Mrs (and Mr) Naylor, along with Mrs Paster and the HIPE team of Shira Rabson, Hodaya Schiff and Racheli Wagner delivered a special brunch to every single girl.  Later in the day, they all shared a Zoom celebration which was perfectly pitched for this special milestone in their lives.