Editorial 21st May 2020

Dear Parents,


Please check your child’s relevant year group in eNews for a letter relating to increased online education from June 1st in response to the online surveys we recently carried out. This was also emailed out earlier today.


We are delighted that our teachers have familiarised themselves with our online learning platforms so quickly and are increasing the provision within such a short timeframe, especially given that many of them are working from home in challenging circumstances. Our provision will be reviewed and refined further, if need be, over the coming weeks to ensure that it is as effective as possible.


With best wishes,


Mr A McClusky – CEO, Hasmonean MAT

Mrs D Lebrett – Headteacher, Hasmonean Boys’ School

Mrs K Brice – Headteacher Hasmonean Girls’ School

Rabbi J Golker – Menahel, Hasmonean MAT

Hi33_Challenge Lag B’Omer: Lockdown style

Hasmonean Girls’ amazing Informal Education team concocted a plethora of 33 Challenges for the girls to do at home while raising much needed funds for future HIPE activities.


Lag B’Omer began with DWL’s Louise Leach running a zoom Zumba session for over 70 participants. Later on in the day, girls were encouraged to a number of other “33-related” challenges, such as:

  • Learn how to say 33 in three other languages,
  • Say 3 things they are grateful for,
  • Speak to a grandparent for 3 (or more!) minutes.


From 3.30pm – 5.30pm, 33 challenges faced our girls as they raced to reach their fund raising targets. In the space of less than 24 hours, over £15,000 was raised!


Thank you to Miss Rabson, Miss Schiff and Miss Wagner for a such a bonkers way of enjoying Lag B’Omer!

Editorial 14th May 2020

Dear Parents,

Government Guidance Regarding Schools Re-opening

If the Government’s five key tests are met, secondary schools will be able to facilitate face-to-face contact for Year 10 and Year 12 before the summer break.  We are very keen to have your children back in school. However, we also need to manage this in a way which keeps them and our staff as safe as possible. The local authority are working on information, guidance and risk assessments for Barnet schools and we will be in touch with you again about our plans in due course.

Online Learning Surveys

We are grateful to you, your children and our teachers for completing our survey about online learning. There were many positive comments which is encouraging. We will be taking onboard the many helpful suggestions from staff, parents and students about online learning and producing an action plan to further refine the way in which we teach online.


Whereas 70% of parents thought that the amount of Kodesh being offered by the Hasmonean Charitable Trust programme was ‘about right’, 69% of parents and around half of students desired an increased amount of secular lessons. We will now be working with staff to find the best way to manage this, balancing the need to provide the best possible education with the fact that staff are teaching online from home, having to juggle home and work commitments until schools and childcare facilities return to normal.


Key Workers and Parents of Vulnerable Children

With lockdown partially lifting, we are aware that an increased number of parents may now need us to supervise their children in school.  Please be aware that the provision in school will be the same as that provided to students studying at home.  If you are a parent who is a key worker or a parent of a vulnerable child who now wishes their child to attend school, please inform the relevant headteacher:


Mrs Brice (Girls’ School): k.brice@hasmonean.co.uk

Mrs Lebrett (Boys’ School): d.lebrett@hasmonean.co.uk


Wishing you a good Shabbos and a relaxing weekend,


Mr A McClusky – CEO, Hasmonean MAT

Mrs D Lebrett – Headteacher, Hasmonean Boys’ School

Mrs K Brice – Headteacher Hasmonean Girls’ School

Rabbi J Golker – Menahel, Hasmonean MAT


Editorial – 7th May 2020

Dear Parents,

As we mentioned in our eNews editorial last week, we are seeking feedback from staff, parents and students on how the digital launch is working for everyone.

We will listen to all of the feedback from our surveys and refine our online timetable and teaching in the light of it. However, we will need to bear in mind that each family is in a very different position, as indeed are our teachers, and any refinements will need to take this into consideration.

We would really appreciate it if as many of you as possible could complete the parent survey. Even if you don’t have strong feelings on the matter, we would still like to hear your views to ensure that we have a representative view of how online learning plans are being received.

You can let us know about your views here: https://forms.gle/UdDvwqytDaLCqDGH8

We would really appreciate it if you could let us have your feedback by the end of Monday 11th May.

Surveys will be sent out to students and staff separately.

Please note that Kodesh provision will be available as timetabled tomorrow, Friday 8th May. We are deeply grateful to our Kodesh staff for continuing to teach on the May Day bank holiday. Details of next week’s Kodesh programme are being sent separately.

With best wishes,

Mr A McClusky – CEO, Hasmonean MAT

Mrs D Lebrett – Headteacher, Hasmonean Boys’ School

Mrs K Brice – Headteacher Hasmonean Girls’ School

Rabbi J Golker – Menahel, Hasmonean MAT

Challah Bake

Our HHCT Informal Education team having been keeping our girls busy. Events have included a zoom challah bake, partnering with Rebbetzin Joanne Dove in two sessions. Close to 100 students participated and lots of pictures of glossy brown challot were sent in.


HIPE have also launched a social media page for the students with exciting videos and clips, such as virtual Yom Ha’Atzmaut events. They have instituted a weekly “Thought for Thursday: a video of a JS teacher answering contemporary issues.


There is also a daily conference call with Mincha and daily inspiration from a different teacher each day, as well as Rosh Chodesh Hallel online for all.


Years 11-13 have had fun rapping with Rabbi Moshe Friedman … on zoom!


And look out for the Lag Ba’Omer event coming soon! ​